IQ Technology Launches DejaVu Keyboard at DEMO Fall 2014



IQ Technology Launches DejaVu Keyboard at DEMO Fall 2014

IQ Technology to showcase startup technology in the Mobile category on the DEMO stage

Santa Clara, CA, November 18, 2014 - IQ Technology Inc. (, today announced the launch of DejaVu Keyboard – the next generation smart input system at DEMO Fall 2014, world-renowned for launching the most innovative companies in mobile, cloud computing, consumer, and social media technologies.

DejaVu Keyboard allows you to type faster, recalling words, phrases, and even whole paragraphs by typing just a few letters from anywhere within the text you wish to recall. Whether you only recall the beginning and ending letters of a word or phrase, any subset of letters will allow you to quickly refine and predict the text you wish to recall. This form of partial typing, or shorthand, is a powerful feature which no other keyboard offers. While DejaVu Keyboard is great for non-native English speakers, children, elderly, as well as people with typing difficulties, it is also great for anyone typing on digital keyboards found on many device interfaces, and besides running as a free downloadable app on iOS, Windows, and Android systems, the system can also be customized for device or software interface applications anywhere.

Key Features Include:

SkipSmart™ Word Prediction — DejaVu learns and proactively suggests words as you are typing, but unlike any other prediction system, it allows you to skip letters, speeding your typing while allowing the system to provide more accurate suggestions. You can enter letters at the beginning, middle or end of the word, or according to easy to remember rules, such as entering the first letter of each syllable.

AutoPhrase™ Prediction – DejaVu can automatically learn phrases or expressions that you have previously used, and allows you to recall them on the fly by typing the first letters of words used in the phrase.

PreText™ Recall Mode – Allows rapid recall from a special clipboard of predefined text clips that are user defined and editable. Commonly used phrases and even entire paragraphs can be entered or pasted into the clipboard and recalled by typing only the first letters of words in the text clip.

"DejaVu Keyboard is one step ahead of all predictive typing systems by letting you use a variety of intuitive typing methods to recall words, such as typing partial words, first letters of syllables, or even the first letters of words in a phrase, saving enormous amounts of time and revolutionizing the way you approach typing" said Ray Chao, CEO of IQ Technology.

IQ Technology will provide a live, four-minute demonstration of DejaVu Keyboard on the DEMO Fall 2014 stage on November 19th and will host live demonstrations beginning today at Booth #14 in the DEMO Fall 2014 pavilion.

"After traveling the country and vetting hundreds of companies on our DEMO Tour, we are excited to bring IQ Technology as one of the few selected companies launching new products solving big problems at DEMO Fall 2014," said Erick Schonfeld, executive producer of DEMO. "IQ Technology has the potential to be a game-changer."

About IQ Technology

IQ Technology Inc. is a leading predictive text input solution provider for business and consumers since 1995. The solutions have been widely used for consumers as well as business or government users. IQ Technology's "Going Input" is one of the most popular Traditional Chinese input method editing (IME) software in the World.

IQ Technology's "IQQI Keyboard" is also a leading software keyboard (58+ languages for Android, Linux, and Windows CE), which has been pre-loaded within many devices or equipment shipping to the World.

With a strong technology team support, IQ Technology aims to become the leading Human Interface Service and Language Technology solution provider in the world.


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Ray Chao
Office Phone: +886-919223107
On-Site Phone: (408) 757-0611
DEMO Booth: 14



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