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IQ-Support customer supporting management system

  IQ-Support is a Web-based customer service platform that integrates multiple communication channels. It provides services such as receiving calls from customers, fax, front desk and e-mail in accordance with the theme or content of the project to provide features such as automatic assignment, automatic reply, automatic suggestion, overdue cases tracking, knowledge based call center and statistic report. With systematic management, you would not miss any demand from the customers, and you can increase the service performance greatly to build a good customer relationship management. IQ-Support Solution includes four main modules: Web Self-service Module (IQ-Web), Email Intelligent Response Module (IQ-Support Email), Help Desk Module (IQ-Support Help Desk), and Knowledgebase (IQ-Support KB) Module. The following figure illustrates the relationship of between these modules:

IQ-Support Solution Architecture

• IQ-Web

With our Web-enabled technology, customers will find it easy to access the information they need. Customers can use IQ-Support Web to browse and query for the answers to their questions at anytime. If they need further assistances, they can make a request through the system, which will trigger the IQ-Support Help Desk processes to deliver the service. IQ-Support Web also provides customers with bulletin board, most frequently asked questions, and new FAQ rankings and links. Customers can also use this module to check the status of their requests.

• IQ-Email

When customers send inquiry email, IQ-Support Email automatically generates and sends confirmation email based on the criteria you specify. The automated processes include content parsing, filtering, categorizing, auto-replying and auto-dispatching, ensuring that no customer’s mail get lost and the reply email quality is monitored.

• IQ-Help Desk

IQ-Support Help Desk provides comprehensive functional support for the trouble ticket life cycles. It’s a single point of contact that helps agents resolve cases from e-mails, web forms, telephone, fax, and front desk duty. Through IQ-Support Help Desk agents can retrieve customer’s information, track case historical data, and receive suggested answers, all of which help to save a great amount of processing time. IQ-Support Help Desk also enables access to useful management information by users’ privileges. Decision makers can oversee the performance with automatically generated reports and make necessary changes to the processes.


Preserving employee knowledge and domain know-how has become the key issue for most modern enterprises. A well-developed knowledge base system does not only facilitate the organization of knowledge from the expert, but it also encourages users to utilize it in the routine operation, resulting in better employee performance. IQ-Support KB allows knowledge to be easily added or edited by the domain experts from different departments. Depending on their privilege level, users may share, edit, publish, or approve knowledge that is valuable to the business.


Implementing IQ-Support gives your organization the following advantages:

• By average saves 50% call center human resources

• Increases the customer service satisfaction

• Improves knowledge sharing across the corporate as well as saves the training costs

• Integrates cross-platform solutions such as CTI .

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