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IQ-KB (Knowledge Base), interpreted as the expert think tank system, aims to offer intelligent solutions for enterprise problems. In IQ-KB, expert knowledge can be organized and refined in the form of FAQ. Its web-based interface allows access from different platforms and locations. By the team collaboration over the IQ-KB, the knowledge optimization cycle can be formed with the following processes: user query, user feedback, editor revision, change request, management approval, and knowledge publishing. Employees are encouraged to offer ideas and insight into the knowledge base through the positive cycle, fulfilling the enterprise’s needs of expertise preservation, problem solving, customer service, and crisis management, as well as further saving operational costs, improving competency, and increasing customer satisfaction.


•  Product technical information service

•  Call center support system

•  Government Service Portal

•  Enterprise knowledge management

•  Crisis management decision support

•  Training and e-learning

•  Knowledge transfer


I . Increase organizational performance

• Make problem solving an one-time effort.

• Relieve the workload of senior employees.

Reduce the average response time for each problem.

II . Lower the operational costs

• Simplify user access to information, reducing number of requests for customer service

• Allow new employees getting hands-on with the system in no time with clean interface, cutting the costs for intensive training
Lower the demand of senior employees, cutting off the operational cost and facilitating job assignment.

III . Increase the customer satisfaction

• Deliver up-to-date knowledge to all employees and customers, promoting the service quality.

• Maintain consistent and stable service quality by providing intelligent answers.

Compress response time, increase customers satisfaction.

IV . Improve the business competitiveness

• Create intellectual asset, improving business competitiveness.

• Collect the expert experiences, avoiding impact from employee turnover.

• Evoke positive cycle of knowledge optimization, insuring organization growth.

• Provide intuitive interface, shortening learning curve and increasing team productivity.


I . Information Editing

• FAQ format
IQ-KB let you edit corporate knowledge in the form of FAQ. Each FAQ contains the following attributes: title, description/feature, expiry date, classification, answer, reference links and attachment. It is the best tool to organize knowledge and the best way to accumulate problem-solving experiences.

• Easy-to-use editing interface
WYSIWYG interface allows you to edit and design knowledge content in html format with ease. Word documents, graphic files, hyperlinks, and attachments can also be incorporated in the context, making the content more adaptable and understandable.

• Internal and external knowledge
IQ-KB allows the answer part of each FAQ divided into two versions: internal and external. This is particularly useful In the situation where one question need to be answered differently for internal use or external use. Users will apply the knowledge according to the needs of their cases.

• Multiple-category assignment
Each FAQ can be assigned to different categories to insure no users miss the information in the category they are familiar with. It is convenient for the users to view the information from various angles.

II . Review and publishing

• Review process
Each FAQ needs to be reviewed by the knowledge manager after the editing process. The Knowledge manager will make the approval decision or return comments in the case of improper content. It is also part of the process of knowledge quality management.

• 樹狀知識分類管理與權限管制
  提供不限層級的樹狀分類目錄介面,方便知識管理人員新增、修改、刪除、移動知識庫的分類架構或知識內容。可設定  各知識分類的管理與使用權限,不同層級之知識分類項目可以指定不同的使用者群組與管理者群組。

• Classification tree and access control
IQ-KB adopts the classification tree for knowledge management the interface . It makes it easy for the knowledge staff to add, modify, remove and move the classifying structure or content of the knowledge base. The management of the knowledge classification and access control and the items from different levels can use different user groups and manager groups.

• 快速知識查詢
  提供使用者以自然語言口語化的發問方式,或是全文檢索、目錄分類方式,快速查詢問題解答,並可以相關程度、熱門  程度、更新時間排序,幫助使用者快速獲得所需的知識。
• 互動問答引導查詢

III . Search by query

Fast knowledge retrieval

Users can retrieve the knowledge by query search or knowledge tree browsing. Options for query search include full-text search and natural language processing. Sorting Search results are It can also help the users receiving the knowledge needed by its related levels, popular levels and rearranged the timeline.

IV. Feedback and Suggestion

• Suggestion for improvement
If users find the information retrieved not appropriate or insufficient, they can submit the feedback to the editor. The editors then make necessary changes or updates to the content. Through the process the knowledge base can be refined and maintained over time

• Knowledge addition
If users can not find the information needed in knowledge base, they can also fill out the online form to request for adding related information. Upon receiving the request, the system processes trigger internal coordination for the creation of new knowledge.

V . Statistic analysis

• Comprehensive statistic report
IQ-KB provides statistic report for new additions, modification, hit rate, and query keyword rankings. All reports can be transformed into pie charts and can be downloaded in CSV format. Decision makers can also set up different criteria to generate the reports.

• Knowledge audit
IQ-KB provides individual statistics for knowledge in different categories, which helps the implementation of knowledge audit..

VI . System management

• Access control
Users are grouped based on their roles in knowledge management. Roles include knowledge researchers, knowledge editors, knowledge managers, supervisors, and system managers. Different groups have different privileges and are responsible for their specified tasks.

• Account administration
IQ-KB allow you to add, modify and remove user accounts as well as set up access privileges with no hassle.

System requirement

• CPU: Intel Pentium III 550 MHz or higher
• RAM: 512M or higher
• HDD: 200MB disk space required
• Windows 2000/2003 Server 、 Microsoft SQL 200

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