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IQ-Alert Emergency Notification System

IQ-Alert Emergency Notification System adopts the foremost artificial intelligence technology to convert the emergency message into voice and to contact the users within the shortest time by phone. It allows the users to take control of the emergency message first handedly and make the quickest response.


•  Environmental Monitoring Management

Unusual access control security notification, landslides notification, unusual temperature and humidity notification, unusual environmental change notification, unusual physiological change notification, homecare notification…

•  Business/Automated production management

Unusual transaction notification, unusual data notification, designated event notification, logistics management notification, meeting reminder, bill due notification, equipment malfunction notification, production operation notification…

•  IT Management

Intrusion detection notification, virus notification, internet abnormality notification, system malfunction notification…

•  Proactive marketing

Concern marketing, governmental policy promotion, election campaign, and event notification…

•  Reminder

Important meeting reminder, home service reminder, to-do reminder…

•  Transaction report

E-commerce transaction report, security transaction completion report…

Primary features

•  Multi-channel notification service

It provides multi-channel notification services such as telephone voice, e-mail, and message to meet the user's demand under different circumstances.

•  Easy system integration

It provides integrated interface such as Email, ActiveX, Java, SNMP Trap. Convenient to integrate with other application system.

•  Flexible notification rule

-The users can define the notification setting by message sources or parameter.

-Settings including notification methods, notification subject, notification content (event objective, event time, system parameter) and notification agent.

•  Text-to-speech (TTS) by artificial intelligence

It adopts the foremost artificial intelligent text-to-speech TTS technology. It may convert the information into the personified voice and offers:

 - Turns the voice into quality, friendly and natural sound by fast modulation integration smoothing process equipment and method .

 - Determines the characters with multiple pronunciation and numbers automatically by artificial intelligence natural language processing technology to select the most appropriate pronunciation.

 - Provides Chinese and English mixed reading, and controls and adjusts the speed and volume on the system interface or XML label control.

•  Intelligence voice notification

It adopts Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to make a call out. In addition, it provides interactive voice notification service, which includes:

-Intelligent routing, when no one is there to respond the message or to confirm the action. The action confirmation is to make sure the recipient has indeed received the message and making a response in a short time. If the recipients were not able to receive the message, then the message would go to their agent or direct supervisor. It would make sure the emergency message is being received.

 - Replay feature in an environment with complicated background.

 - Notifying failed intelligent routing decision.

 - Telephone callback follow-up feature.

•  Easy operating management

 - Windows management interface. User-friendly setting.

 - Access control for the account password, for different access privilege.

 - Complete record for the notified event and effective audit management.

 - Web based report, to provide the remote computer internet search notification status.

System required

•  CPU : Intel Pentium III or higher RAM : 256 MB RAM or higher HDD : 740 MB disk space required

•  Voice Card/Board
 - IQ-Alert Standard Version : Voice Modem ( e. g. Top Solution Technology Co., Ltd. Fax Modem 56K/V.92 )
 -  IQ-Alert- enterpris eVersion : Dialogic 4 Port Voice Board ( Compatible Server Model required )

•  Competence Product
 -  IQ-Alert Standard Version : Windows 2000/XP Professional
 -  IQ-Alert enterprise Version : Windows 2000 Server 、 SQL Server 2000


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