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Software Components

IQ-TTS Chinese Text-to-Speech Engine
IQ-TTS Text-to-speech can convert the Chinese character into digital voice format. Through artificial intelligent natural language analysis, it could differentiate Chinese characters with multiple pronunciations, numbers and sandhi and special pronunciation. The utilization of the natural voice corpus, which makes the voice quality rhythms and personified, and it has been rewarded with many national patent technology certification, and become the number one brand for Chinese language processing technology in the industry.

Key-Term Segmentation Engine
Chinese Character Key term Segment included Key Term Checking, and Key Term Segment. Key Term Checking, you can input big amount text string, it will pick the new key term automatically; Key Term Segment, will compare with system Key Term Database and pick the right Key term from the sentence.

Text Categorization Engine
Text Categorization Engine has 3 main features: Training, editing, indexing search.
•  Training: Training component can vector text content by using TFIDF method, and offer incremental updating.
•  Editing: Editing component can add 、 modify 、 delete vectorized text.
•  Indexing search: This component can match the vectorized text with content.

Text Input Correction Engine
Natural Language Engine based on Chinese natural language core. It can check Pinyin, Changji, Pinyin, Hand Writing, OCR input string and analysis the meaning of the sentence, will pick the right character for it. It can be applied in Human/PC interface, Knowledge Management System.

Chinese Text-to-Pinyin Engine
Chinese Characters Text-to-Pinyin Engine, it can covert Traditional Chinese characters to Pinyin, Tongyuan Pinyin, Hanyu Pinyin. It based on natural langue paring core which can check the unison in different characters.

Chinese Text-to-Braille Engine
Traditional Chinese Text-to-Braille Engine can convert Traditional Chinese Characters to Braille. It based on natural langue paring core which can check the unison in different characters, it also provides both Traditional Chinese and Braille mapping table for it. It can be applied for double vision book development.

Chinese Pinyin-to-Text Engine
Pinyin-to-Traditional Chinese Engine can convert Pinyin to Traditional Chinese characters, it based on natural language paring core which can check the unison in different characters, will pick the right Chinese character for the sentence.


◎Congratulations! IQ Technology received the 10th annual “Golden Learning Award” and Excellence Award in Chinese Language Teaching category(2004/7/28)
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