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IQ-TTS Chinese Text-to-Speech Engine
   IQ-TTS Text-to-speech can convert the Chinese character into digital voice format. Through artificial intelligent natural language analysis, it could differentiate Chinese characters with multiple pronunciations, numbers and sandhi and special pronunciation. The utilization of the natural voice corpus, which makes the voice quality rhythms and personified, and it has been rewarded with many national patent technology certification, and become the number one brand for Chinese language processing technology in the industry.


•  PC sound assistance: Reading e-books, e-mails, articles, or coordinating with hand writing edition, word processing software and voice identification software pronunciation.

•  Digital content voice application: No longer need to work with recording studio operation, but vocalize large amount of the digital content easily.

•  Voice web-page application: It provides services such as web-site audio tour, accessible sound communication.

•  Mobile voice service: It provides instant voice information or voice interactive interface for cell phones and PDA.

•  Telephony inquiry system: It broadcasts personal account information, stock comment, traffic condition, weather broadcast through telephony sound system. It can also be integrated in the telephony system, CTI system, 24 hours automated telephony inquiry / reservation system.

•  Voice call: Clinical calls and court calls.

•  Automated factory production and production line application: Production line operation and or equipment malfunction emergency notification.

•  Accounting and inventory: When settling the accounts and inventorying the goods, it can read out the name and quantity of the products according to the bar codes.

•  Digital household electronics and toys: It also applies to voice interactive household electronics and toys.

•  Guide system: Electronic broadcasting system, electronic map guiding system and railroad ticket reservation system.

Product feature description

•  Programming integration interface

It supports Microsoft SAPI 5.1 interface, and provides COM component integration interface, and use programming languages such as Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Borland C/C++, Power Builder and Delphi .

•  Pronunciation

-Chinese characters, numbers (2 Bytes, 1 Byte), English letters ( 2 Bytes, 1 Bytes, Upper case and Lower case).

-English may be pronounced by single letter/vocabulary, and it can mix Chinese and English pronunciation.

-It can integrate other English or other language TTS engine to use it coordinately.

-You can set phonetic signs or self-appoint pronunciation for special characters or signs.

•  Automatically adjust the characters with multiple pronunciations /numbers and sandhi.

-It supports Chinese natural language processing, and judges the pronunciation for the Chinese characters with different pronunciation according to the whole sentence.

-It supports pronunciation of the numbers, and read out the correct pronunciation and sandhi according to the meaning of the whole sentence. It includes western calendars, Chinese years, telephone, fax, account, amount of the check and number of the address.

-It supports three consecutive tones and sandhi according to the string relation and “word boundary”.

•  Voice broadcasting interface

The interface can adjust the frequency, tempo (length of sound), stop, volume, echo and sound types.

◎Congratulations! IQ Technology received the 10th annual “Golden Learning Award” and Excellence Award in Chinese Language Teaching category(2004/7/28)
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