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is a Chinese text-to-Braille and text-to-voice converting tool specially designed for visually impaired people. IQ-Braille can convert Chinese and English text into Braille and MP3 voice files. It is very useful to produce Braille books and Audio books for teaching and learning.

Applying the most intelligent Chinese natural language processing technology, IQ-Braille can make the world best Chinese polyphone characters Text-to-Braille translation. IQ-Braille can also translate Chinese and English bi-lingual text and symbols.


Applying the Chinese and English text-to-speech technology, IQ-Braille can imitate human voice to read the text and convert the text to Wav or MP3 voice files.

Braille/Text Dual Display

IQ-Braille can display the Chinese Braille and text simultaneously to help the family members and friends of visually impaired individuals understand Braille.

Compatible with Braille Printer

The Braille only and Braille/Text dual display document can be printed by the Braille  printer.

Exception Pronunciation setting

Users can define a exception pronunciation for rare characters, which makes the Braille and conversion more accurate.

•  Operating system: Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003.

•  CPU: Pentium III.

•  RAM: 128 MB.

•  Sound card installed.

•  Hard Disk space: 350 MB and up.

◎Congratulations! IQ Technology received the 10th annual “Golden Learning Award” and Excellence Award in Chinese Language Teaching category(2004/7/28)
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