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  IQ Technology Inc. put a lot force in inventing Intellectual Language technology, and comes out with many outstanding technology results and has applied many patents.

Digital Content Related Technology


1. Chinese Input Word Correction and Checking Technology;

2. Document Classification Technology;

3. Natural Language Searching Engine;

4. IQ-Agent and Voice Agent Technology;

5. Intelligent Database Checking Result Method;

6. Emails classified and auto-response email ;

7. Spam mail filter ;

8. Chinese-to-Pinyin ;

9. Pinyin-to-Chinese ;


1. Chinese Text-to-voice ;

2. Simulate Human Voice Technology;

3. Audio Data ;

4. Audio Book Production ;

5. Voice Processing Technology ;


  We have cooperated with many local and international companies to apply those above mentioned technologies on integrated with many CTI(Computer Telephony Integration), CRM(Customer Relation Management), KM(Knowledge Management), HI systems(Human Interface) and other application .

  IQ Technology Inc. is one of the Microsoft Certificated Partners, our products can work on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and 2003. However, to meet the need of the mass and the most companies, part of our products also can support Linux, Windows CE and the other system; which also consider about scalability, reliability, and security. We are looking forward to cooperating with other local and international companies to explore more potential markets.

◎Congratulations! IQ Technology received the 10th annual “Golden Learning Award” and Excellence Award in Chinese Language Teaching category(2004/7/28)
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