Going Input 2003 (V7.5) Build 2004. 11 . 25

E Unicode compatible comes with TTS voice font, it also can show Jhuyin, Pinyin, Changjie, @
Braille for mapping purpose.
E Synchronization Chinese Phrase and Speech.
E Using [Space] Hot key for picking the Frequently used character, e.g. uL (he) Bo {she} @B (it) v , those are all same pronunciation in Mandarin. So we use space hot key to pick @ the right character.
E Tool Bar is fixed on desk top.
E Bug fixed, when you use Going on IE, Outlook, it would crash the Input Method.
E Bug fixed, when you use going on Dream Weaver, you want to switch between Going and @ English input, English input crashed.
Bug fixed, switching to different application, it will send the text out, but locked, it avoid @ @ software crashed.


Going Input 2003 Text-to-Speech Module Build 2003.10.27

E Optional if you need it.
E Going Input 2003 required.


Going Input V6.5 Build 2003.10.27

E Method V6.5 compatible only, Windows XP is not supported for Going V6.5


Going Text-to-Speech Module V6.5 Build 2003.10.27

Going Input Method V6.5 compatible only, Windows XP is not supported.

IQ-Dictate Standard Version Build 2004.07.10

E Listening and typing, Reading and Typing at the same time.
You can choose any text file for your test and practice purpose.
E Male voice font, you can adjust the reading speed, and the voice will still keep at the same @ quality
E Auto checking system, and Auto score system.


IQ-Dictate Professional Version Build 2004.07.10

E 2 voice font included, Male and Female voice font.


IQ-MP3 Patch Version Builded 2004.08.16 patch

E Due to the size of this software is too huge, so we provide path file for download. You need @ install old version IQ-MP3 first, then install this patch file.
E New feature: you can adjust the speed by choose different languages, we provide 2 @ @ @ @ languages(Mandarin, and English).


IQ-Braille II Free Download for Trail Build 2004.08.13

E Free Download Version, we provide portion features, not including Voice feature; Braille-@ @ to-Text, Traditional Chinese only, number in 1 Byte font is not included.
E It can convert any character to Standard Traditional Chinese Braille, and it also can covert @ both English and Traditional Chinese to Braille at the same time.
E Support Braille printer.
E Intelligence voice reading, text file reading, saving voice file, also can convert amount @ @ @ documents.
E Chinese Natural Language core technology embedded, 98% accuracy of @ @ @ @ @ pronunciation.
You can set your own pronunciation for particular word.