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Client References

Client list for Commercial Product Suite

National Taipei College of Business
Yuho Junior High School
Taipei Bo-Ai Elementary School
Providence University
Feng Chia University

Ta-Cheng Vocational High School

Songshan High School of
Agriculture and Industry

Department of English,
National Chiao Tung University

High School Division,
National Tainan Teachers College

Computer Center ,
TaTung Institute of Technology

Naval Academy

Department of Electronics,
National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology
National Chengchi University

Kaohsiung Medical University

Taichung Industrial Vocational High School

Yuming Vocational School

Dali Junior High School

National Ilan Commercial Vocational
High School

Tung Der Home Economics &
Commerce Vocational School

Nayi Vocational School

Chung Jen Vocational High School of Nursing and Midwifery

National Taiwan College of
Physical Education

Special Education School for
the Mentally Retarded

Taipei Municipal Datun Elementary School

Tatung Elementary School

Bai-Ling High School

Yong-Jen Elementary School

Wann-Sing Elementary School

Wan-Fang Elementary School

Taipei Municipal Longshan
Junior High School

Shi-Jen Elementary School

Wan-Fan High School

Nanhue Elementary School

Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo
High School

Ta-Li Elementary School

Taipei Municipal Tien-Mu
Elementary School

Taipei Gu-Ting Junior High School
His-Hu Junior High School
Bai-Ling Elementary School
Chung Hsiao Elementary School
Taipei Dong Yuan Elementary School
Taipei Municipal Tun-Hua
Elementary School

Ministry of Finance

National Security Bureau
National Youth Commision
Training Center of
Veterans Affairs Commissions
National Institute for Compilation and Translation
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Water Resource Agency,
Ministry of Economics
Security & Futures Commission,
Ministry of Economics
Sinotech Engineering & Constructions, Ltd.
Public Television Service Foundation
Department of Environment Protection,
Taipei City Government
Chi-Mei Optoelectronics Corp.
Lianshen Corp
Ya-Shin Industrial Co., Ltd
Amersen Bioscience International, Inc.
Taipei Women and Children Hospital
Taipei Women and Children Hospital
Cia Taiwan Ltd.
Yuxiland Digital Co., Ltd.
Institute for Information Industry

Ta-Yin Co., Ltd

Taiwan Electrical and Electronic
Manufacturing Association (TEEMA)
Chen & Lin, Attorneys at Law
Chen & Lin, Attorneys at Law

Unimicron Technology Corp.

Netherlands Trade & Investment Office (NTIO)

Axis 3D Technology, Inc.

Taichung County Bei-Shih
Elementary School
Taichung County Chung-Ping
Junior High School

Lu-Kung High School

Pindong County Tung-Shing
Elementary School
National Normal University
Tamkang University

Ilan Visually Impaired Association

Ilan County Government
Fenhe Junior High School
Taipei Municipal Da-An Elementary School

◎Congratulations! IQ Technology received the 10th annual “Golden Learning Award” and Excellence Award in Chinese Language Teaching category(2004/7/28)
@ 網際智慧股份有限公司宣佈在美國成立IQChinese (USA) Ltd.

@ 網際智慧IQ-ServiceDesk在2005年微軟IT管理日獲得客戶廣大迴響!!
@ 台灣微軟結合廠商踏入資訊科技服務管理市場
@ 攻心為上講趣味、取法乎上用電腦∼新世代學中文的新方法
@ 微軟IT管理日!


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